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New Website Training

Great Southern Land is updating our website. Along with all the changes we have to decide on with regards to how the site works, we are training our agents how to add and edit their listings. We are very pleased with the functionality our web designer has added. Our site now allows you to navigate to tracts by searches from numerous starting points:

  • Browse Listings by: Features, Property Types or Location from the drop down box at the top
  • Search Listings: search by County, Minimum Acreage, Maximum Acreage, Minimum Price, Maximum Price, Property Type or any combination
  • County Map: click on COUNTY MAP to pull up a map of all the counties in Alabama. Click on a colored county then click on “more info” to see the listings in the county.
  • INTERACTIVE MAP: click on INTERACTIVE MAP” to access a map showing all our listings across the state. Click inside to zoom to tracts and see whats around them. Click on a pushpin to see information about the listing and to zoom to the tract.  Or click “View Larger Map” to open in ArcGIS Online.

Here is a photo of the training.