• Property ID: 24-051
  • Price: $3,197,920
  • Land Area: 736 acres
  • Property Type: Hunting Land, Pasture & Crop, Timberland
  • Property Status: Sold

24-051 Ivy Creek Dream

Crenshaw, 31.717338710378,-86.346010143875
  • $3,197,920
  • $4,345/acre


This tract is truly special.  The property provides a large contiguous tract of beauty, privacy, and serenity!  This is one tract that has it all!  The property offers significant investment opportunity while also providing tremendous recreational opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast.  This property looks even better in person than in pictures.  There are numerous scenic views to help one to appreciate getting outdoors.  There are many unique features that are not often replicated – and you get these features all in one location.  The log home is a true original.  The log cabin home is made from several log houses that were moved from other locations and then put back together.  The log home is approximately 3,883 square feet with over 2,000 square feet of porches plus a large patio area.  The log home could serve as a permanent residence or an amazing get away.  There is also a small storage shed near the home.  To add to the charm, the log home also has an amazing view overlooking the large lake.

In addition to the beautiful log cabin. there is an additional 2-acre home site located along County Road 77 with a fixer upper home.  The site has utilities available and provides a wide array of uses depending upon the goals of the new landowner.
The lake itself is another feature not often found on a property of any size.  The lake is approximately 40 acres and has been intensely managed for bass production.  There have been multiple bass caught from the lake exceeding 10 pounds while 5+ pound bass are common.  The lake also yields large numbers of bass.  A good day on the lake can produce over 100 bass caught.  All bass over 14" are released back into the lake to support the long-term health of the lake.  The lake has been supplementally stocked with tiger bass which is a Florida and Northern bass cross.  There are also fish feeders located on the lake to support the bream population.  The bream population was recently supplemented as well with over 8,000 bream.  The lake offers depth, flooded timber, and other submerged structure.  The lake can be fished from many areas along the bank or fished by boat.  The lake also features a boat house which is perfectly sized for storing two jon boats.  The lake alone makes the property special.
In addition to the lake, the property has approximately 288 acres of planted pines with a wide range of ages from trees nearing the thinning stage, to sections nearing the second thinning, and other sections comprised of saw logs ready for clearing.  There is approximately 209 acres of natural timber comprised of both hardwoods and pine.  Much of the natural timber is mature hard wood bottoms and produces significant mast for the wildlife.  The different ages of the timber provide an investment opportunity, mast production for wildlife, and diverse habitat for the multiple species of game on the property.  Timber management to improve the wildlife habitat has been a constant goal of the property owner.
There are approximately 193 acres of hayfield, pasture, game plots, and open land.  90 acres of the open land is located within the high fence.  The additional 103 acres adjoins the high fenced area.  The 103 acres was acquired in 2018 at which time it was clear cut and began the conversion to pasture.  This conversion is expected to be completed by the fall of 2021.  The majority of the open land is planted each fall with various mixtures of rye grass, wheat, oats, and winter peas.  Most of the planting is done by no-till drill to minimize the soil disruption and preserve the native grass.  Most of the open land has a strong stand of bahia grass and other native cover during the summer.  115 tons of lime was applied to the property in 2018 based on soil samples.  The open land is fertilized each fall with approximately 300 pounds of fertilizer per acre.  Fertilizer is also applied in the spring at a rate of 250 pounds to the acre.  Cattle are also currently being grazed on the property.
A herbicide spray program has been in place for the last 5+ years.  This program has helped eliminate undesirable vegetation such as summer seeders in the open areas.  The herbicides have also helped to control underbrush to maintain the roadways and the fencing.  The quality of habitat has seen significant improvement by using herbicides coupled with selective mechanical cleaning and maintenance.  
As planned, the intense management practices for the timber and the open land have yielded an incredible abundance of wildlife.  The whitetail deer population is thriving.  There are numerous does spotted with twin fawns and this past fall a doe was caught on camera with healthy triplets.  The property has received light hunting pressure, and the buck harvest has been strictly managed for several years.  The current owner acquired the property in January 2015 and has focused on the long-term approach for managing the deer population.  This approach has led to numerous trophy bucks located on the property and with increasing numbers each year.  All trail camera pictures included in the listing are from the 2020-2021 deer season, but due to the strict management practices on the property, only 2 bucks were harvested during the season.  There are also 11 very-nice shooting houses positioned around the property as well – 10 of which were added in 2019 and 2020.  It is common to see 10 plus deer during a hunt morning or evening and many times 20 to 30 deer may be sighted.  In addition to an outstanding whitetail population, the property also has great turkey hunting.  Large flocks are often seen in the open areas.  Turkey hunting pressure has been light on the property each year.  In addition to the deer and turkey hunting, the last two years have produced a great dove shoot and is only getting better each year.  There are opportunities for ducks on the lake for those who enjoy waterfowl hunting.  There is also a significant small game population of squirrel and rabbit.  In fact, the squirrel population has several fox squirrels which are seen regularly while moving about the property.  There are also several wild hogs in the area which provide an additional hunting opportunity.
The property features a 40’x60′ enclosed ship which was constructed in 2018.  The shop is built over a 40’x100′ concrete pad and provides storage for equipment, tools, and other items.  The shop includes 4 large roll-up doors and 2 service doors for easy access, included insulated walls and ceiling, and includes electrical and water service.  In addition, there is a 40’x60′ pole barn which was also added in 2018 that provides large amounts of additional storage.
The property is accessible from two different paved roads including State Highway 10 and the primary access on County Road 77.  The property also has an excellent interior road system which provides access to all sections of the property.  Theses roads provide a great opportunity for enjoying the outdoors or for touring the property to take in the scenic views or to catch a glimpse of the wildlife that makes the property home.  The location is convenient to many larger towns and the beach.  
In short, the property truly does have it all!!
Property Details
  • 684 Acres high fenced (includes 53 acres leased)
  • Gated entrances
  • 5-acre site with log cabin (inside high fence)
  • Approximately 3,883 square foot log home with 2.043 square feet of porches plus a large patio
  • 497 timbered acres (inside high fence)
  • 90 acres hayfield, pasture, game plots, and other open land (inside high fence)
  • 40 acre lake (inside high fence)
  • Boat house
  • 103 acre fenced pasture (adjacent but outside high fence)
  • 2 acre home site with utilities along County Road 77 (adjacent but outside high fence)
  • Intensively managed for timber, hunting, and fishing
  • Great timber
  • Diverse habitat comprised of pine plantation, hard woods, open land for food plots or grazing, and a large lake.
  • Large food plots
  • 11 elevated shooting houses
  • Incredible wildlife habitat
  • Exceptional deer and turkey hunting
  • Outstanding small game and waterfowl opportunity including dove, squirrel, duck, and rabbit.
  • Wild hogs provide additional hunting opportunity.
  • Outstanding road system throughout the property making entire property accessible.  
  • Excellent fishing
  • 40’x60′ shop including 40’x100′ concrete pad, electricity, water, 4 roll up doors, and 2 service doors.
  • 40’x60′ Pole Barn with metal supports and metal roof.
  • Paved road frontage along State Highway 10 and County Road 77
  • Great location.  Approximately 2 hours 15 minutes to Destin, FL, 1 hour to Montgomery, 2 hours 15 minutes to Birmingham, 1 hour 55 minutes to Auburn, 2 hours 45 minutes to Tuscaloosa, 2 hours 15 minutes to Mobile, 1 hour 50 minutes to Eufaula, 25 minutes to Greenville, 35 minutes to Troy, 10 minutes to Luverne, 3 hours 15 minutes to Atlanta, GA         
Please contact me, Kent McNaughton, at 334-437-1774 with any questions or to schedule a private tour of the Ivy Creek Dream listing today.
  • County Crenshaw
  • Zip/Postal Code 36049

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