GIS Mapping

We are Alabama. We are INNOVATION.

Great Southern Land stays on the forefront of technology in order to provide the best possible services to our clients. Our utilization of geographic information system (GIS) mapping enables us a framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing specific location data to produce state of the art maps and gain property attribute insights using state of the art technology.

These tools allow us to furnish our clients and buying prospects with detailed maps that show land use, soils data, flood data, roads, streams, location features, topography, and many other property attributes that affect the value and usability of a property. We may develop a series of maps and aerial photographs showing the property boundary and often stands (land use polygons) on current aerial photographs, historical aerial photographs, color infrared aerial photographs, winter time aerial photographs, lidar hillshades, topographic maps, county road maps, regional street maps and other type maps.

Our GIS Mapping tools allow us to take the unique needs of each land buyer and produce a personalized, detailed list of properties that is best suited for them.

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