Land Divisions

We are Alabama. We make land EASY.

As a full-service land brokerage company, Great Southern Land is able to assist land owners and buyers with all of their property needs . . . including the potentially complex procedures for land divisions. We are well known to local attorneys as experts in dividing jointly owned land between co-owners. When property is owned jointly with owners with different goals and needs, we are often asked to divide the property between the owners with the result that each owner receive his current value as sole owner in a parcel or parcels. You are able to be the captain of you own ship and use or sell the property to meet your needs. In 1976 Fletcher Majors, ALC prepared his first land division of 2,500 acres jointly owned by two brothers who each owned 25% and their cousin who owned 50% at the request of a Dallas County attorney. Since then, Fletcher Majors, ALC and Don Donald, ALC have divided thousands of acres of jointly owned property.

In our marketing of land, we sometimes recommend dividing it into parcels and selling individual parcels to receive an overall higher total price.

If you have questions about land divisions, let a Great Southern Land team member help. Give us a call today.

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