Broker’s Opinion Of Value

We are Alabama. We know its value.

Great Southern Land has Brokers and agents with a knowledge of local land values in the area we work. If you need a good idea of the value of your property we may be able to furnish you with a “Broker’s Opinion of Value”. Fletcher Majors, ALC and Don Donald, ALC are well respected among local attorneys, CPA’s and landowners for producing high quality, reliable property value assessments.

We have agent who are Registered Foresters who can help you with timber avluations and timber management.

If you need an appraisal, Great Southern Land has relationships with licensed appraisers to refer you to who can produce professional, reliable property value options that are necessary for a number of uses: filing an estate return, buying out a co-tenant, establishing an LLC, obtaining a loan, reducing property taxes, etc. 

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