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The Alabama Alligator Harvest “Lottery” is Now Open!

Always wanted to harvest an alligator? Well if you’re lucky, you may just get to do so. The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources will offer an alligator season for five specific areas in Alabama; with each zone having a designated number of allowed tags. The American alligator had been an endangered species for decades due to unregulated harvesting by our forefathers. However, after...

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Turkey Fever (Part 1): Making Some Sense of the Gobbling Madness!

    Does the approach of March 15th cause your heart to skip a beat and send shivers up your spine? Then you may have a case of Spring Turkey Fever; a condition marked by the opening day of turkey season in most of Alabama*. There is no reason for concern, however, considering your symptoms will most likely subside by its closing day of April 30th. For many, there is just no other hunting...

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